Just what is Behehnehendrendehenen? The real answer is that I needed a fictional location and thought it'd be funny if it was extremely hard to say. But that answer is no fun so:

Behehnehendrendehenen is a town. It's borders a lake, contains at least one Holiday Inn and a Civic Opera Shack and one tattoo shop. It's a lot like any other midwestern, medium sized town.

Known inhabitants:

Hortense B. Soundhime: A playwright and songsmith, creator of A Samurai's Regret, Manatee Meltdown and most recently Hobotown.
Javier St. Javier: A community manager and piano player for the Behehnehendrendehenen Civic Opera Shack.
Macy Gray: Known for her early 90s hit "I walk away and I strumbo" she is a smoky voiced soulstress.
Dr. Brace Grodin: Noted Hoboologist
Mutaro: A squat, Mexican monster with tattoo guns for hands. Works at Behehnehendrendehenen Ink.
Sarky Pernice: Agressive thug, owner and founder of Behehnehendrendehenen Ink.
Yogo: Sarky Pernice's apprentice.
Jame Soup: Runs Brain Camp on the shores of sunny Lake Behehnehendrendehenen.
Miles Soup: diseased brother