Dead Mics Podcast

featuring: McSnitches, Dick Danger

Live from the Podcast Shed

The Dead Mics specializes in bringing low-brow entertainment to your lovely eardrums. Every week you'll hear us rant and rave about the usual internet delirium and recant experiences from our lives.

Andrew (Jarman, Jars) – A pizza maestro who takes breaks to go to uni and record podcasts with;

Lawrence (Hitches, Gets the bitches) – A uni student who aims to be able to say he has a job with the podcast, with his high-school friends Andrew and;

Richard (Jones, RJ, Jonesy) – An unemployed chef and master of lawn-mowing. A connoisseur of Anime, Manga, Videogames and other fucked up shit.


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Episode list with links:

Episode 02 - Nut Slips
Episode 01 - Competitive Bonsai
Episode 00 - AvCon Adventres