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One opinionated American. One far-flung Brit. Cross-Atlantic pals comparing cultures and sharing their stories, views and souls with the Internets. What could go wrong?

A Brit friend and I (an American) meet up each week to catch up and compare/contrast growing up on either side of the Atlantic. The whole project started out by wanting to film funny movies, and we're slowly getting there with periodic 'DP Films' podcasts where we plan the writing and filming.

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We'll have some short promos here soon for any goons who like the show to include in their shows - let us know if you use our promo and we'll use yours if we haven't already!

Technical Info

We started recording shows on an Olympus DS-30 voice/lecture recorder, but have moved to a Flash Mic and occasionally a Blue Snowball mic. I edit the MP3 or WAV file using Audacity, mixing in the music and whatever else we use, then run the final version through Levelator to get the voice levels sounding better.

Usually it's just a one-hour job each week to fully edit the episode and write the blog post as I listen to it, then it's a matter of uploading to the FTP site and making the blog post live.

We use (free blogging software) and Feedburner for making the RSS feed. Files are hosted on our own .com domain, hosted on