Haters for Hire

Haters for Hire is a weekly audio podcast chock full of swearing, stand up comics, and game show style violence all hosted by Derek Minto (SA: Battering Ham). Each week features new guests, stories and discussions. A majority of the time the guests are comics from the city of Pittsburgh though many hail from all over country. The cast was started in late April 2011.



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Episodes are posted once a week:

  • Haters for Hire Podcast: February 24th 2011 Podcast Listen
  • Haters for Hire Podcast: Jamie Bono and Tim DimondListen
  • Haters for Hire Podcast: LIVE at S.C.I.T. with Travis Walling, Tyler Brummet, and Sean Collier Listen
  • Haters for Hire Podcast: In Case of Podcast, Break Glass – Ep. 127 of 217 Listen
  • Haters for Hire Podcast: LIVE from the Steel City Improv Theater Listen
  • Haters for Hire Podcast: 1 Year Anniversery Clusterfuck with Ron Placone, Jamie Bono, Ronald Renwick, Danny Palumbo, John Hensler, Travis Walling, James J. Hamilton, Ben Eiche, Erick Williams, and Mark McCall Listen
  • Haters for Hire Podcast: A Friday Night, Movie Night Podcast Joint Listen

Techie Stuff

The podcast's earlier episode and some of the road episodes are recorded on a Samson USB Condenser Microphone. A majority of the 2011 episodes are recorded through stage mics through an Alesis IO26 board to an Macbook Pro.