Join Gooncasts

Are you a goon podcaster?

Want to join the fun?

Then there's just two things you need to do. Actually, three:

  1. Click the Log In/Create Account link at the to right of any page of this wiki to join Wikidot.
  2. Then you'll need to apply for permission to edit the Gooncasts wiki. If you don't get approved within a couple of days, post in the | Who Else Podcasts thread on SA and bemoan your fate.
  3. Finally, set up your own personal wiki page, which can be populated with any info you want. If you are a regular guest on other podcasts, give them a mention or set up another page for them also.

Add your logo, tagline, info about whoever appears on the podcast, topic, category (comedy, entertainment, etc.), blog link, RSS and iTunes links, Twitter feed, Facebook fan page and more, not to mention your complete or 'best of' episode listing and download links!

Use this page as a template to create your own show's wiki page, which you can create and forget, or keep as up-to-date as you please, with full episode listing and whatever else you like.

Optional stuff to add:

  • add links for a couple of short (20-30 seconds long) promo clips so other goons can insert them into their shows easily
  • some technical info about your show (like what you record on, how you set up your recording space, that sort of thing)
  • add tags about recurring topics and themes of your show.

What's the Point of This Site?!

In brief, to share reviews, links, show promos and more to increase the popularity of our podcasts. Duh.

The more effort you put into your wiki page (links, file links, etc.) the better your Google page ranking gets, so get to it.

What do I have to do to join?

There are no fees per se, but if you'd like to contribute to the Greater Gooncasting Good, every now and then we collect funds ($10 per podcast, give or take) and buy a banner ad on the forums. $30 buys us a banner ad that runs for one month, so $60 buys us 2 months of banner ad time, $90 is 3 months, etc. Those of us who contribute would appreciate everyone chipping in, but it's not required…just a nice thing to do!

Projects to Add in the Future

Technical Stuff and Podcasting Tips
Someone should start up a page on setting up a podcast from scratch: for example, setting up Wordpress, setting up Feedburner, adding Google Analytics, setting up iTunes, changing from RSS to Feedburner, etc.

Also, some tips on podcasting equipment would be good so they're collected in one place. It seems most of the info about good mics, etc., is scattered around on Google and not really in one good place.