The Show

Spankwagon members from Las Vegas, Austin and Seattle work together to put together informative and entertaining material for the Internet to enjoy with our Spank spin on it. Beer and liquor reviews, happenings around town, interviews, and sometimes just random stuff.

The Crew

Spankwagon Vegas
Trencher: the mastermind behind this whole mess. Started as Spankwagon Radio, an Internet radio show, back in 2000 and in 2010 morphed it into the Spankwagon: The Series (now just referred to as Spankwagon). If you want someone to blame for all of this, start with him.

Decaf: Big Daddy Decaf… there for the last months of Spankwagon Radio, and has made some appearances since. RobALiquorStore refers to him as 'his favorite black man'.

Chief: was a regular during the Radio days, until he was pulled to Romania for a while. Now back for appearances on the show… though his nuts may not care for it.

Cheese: stand up comedian and owner of an epic beard. He can also dance like no one else. Seriously… we've never seen anyone dance like he does.

Spankwagon Austin
RobALiquorStore: during the Radio days he contributed segments under the name of ReverendHammer. With Spankwagon he was originally contributing blog entries called Fuck It In The Ass, but has now gone on to provide bits and sometime whole episodes with his other Austin teammates.

Airmattress: liquor drinker, cameraman, and also star of Justin's Corner. If you ever hear a bad joke on the show, it's usually his fault.

Brue: newest member of the Austin group. Resident physicist in training. Expect his hair color to change.

Spankwagon Seattle
Murphy: former member of the Vegas group, Murphy is now walking the streets of Seattle to find new and exciting stuff for Spankwagon. Likes to call people 'douchebags'.


Live Episodes

Until we get a proper page put together for them, all live eps can be found here.

Not Live Episodes

SWA Behind The Scenes: SpankBox The guys in Austin show you some behind the scenes stuff with the building of our broadcast system… the SpankBox!

SWA: South by Spankwagon Part 2 More burning, playing, honking, descending, popping and other fun things done by the Austin group at South by Southwest!

SWA: South By Spankwagon Part 1 Spankwagon pops, burns, honks, descends, plays and much more at South by Southwest!

SWA: Artsy Fartsy Party Spankwagon Austin feels the Rapture, gets artistic, visits a friend, watches people play with fire, and has JonZ explain things!

SWV: Leveling Up Spankwagon Vegas is invited to hang out with the hosts of Level Up. A gamer podcast that is way more then just gaming.

SWA: Ikkicon V! RobALiquorStore, Brue and Airmattress nerd it up, watch actors get embarrassed, learn some mock combat skills, get their glowstick on, and find out what people will do for Pocky. All at Ikkicon!

SAB: Drink’n'Games Rob and Airmatress check out Game On, experiment with a few new drinks, and Fubarduck loses to Airmatress! Find out more on Drink’n'Games!

SAB: Fantastic Arcade Rob A Liquor Store heads to south Austin to check out the independent game developer festival called Fantastic Arcade! Also includes performances from MC Frontalot, RainbowDragonEyes, and fuckjazzforaminute.

Episode 21 – Tables, ladders and Beer! This episode was so huge we had to split it into two parts! Check em both out! As we drink beer, eat food, and meet wrestling promoters!

Episode 20 – Trick or Treat Bitches! (2010) Spankwagon Austin heads to Sixth Street to check out the costumes and give people candy!

Episode 19 – Murphy in Seattle Murphy checks out Seattle… and runs into a person from Spankwagon's past.

Minisode 2 – The Photoshoot The Spankwagon Austin Bureau (hence know as SAB) decided that Air Mattress needed a few photos of his truck… and a chick in a skin tight mini skirt

Episode 18 – In Search of Beer! The boys (aided by the wonderful Miss Melza) head out in search of the much touted Beer Gardens of Downtown Las Vegas while the Whiskey Dick Crew try out a new libation.

Episode 17 – 2 Turn Tables and a Keyblade This week the guys go check out some Cheese standup, hang with DJ Mateo and try to make a KeyBlade from the Kingdom Hearts…then the Vegas Storm season hits

Episode 16 – Cheeseburger and a Dream

Episode 15 – Retrograde The boys embark on a quest for beer and find obnoxious people and the Whiskey Dicks are back!

Episode 14 – Watch me pull a beer out of my hat This week Spankwagon gets invited to see Mike Hammer perform at the 4 Queens and goes all out for a Brew Review!

Minisode 1: WTF is a Minisode? Murphy gets drunk trying to film and what the fuck is a Minisode?

Episode 13 – The Replacement Spanksters Trench, Murph and Chief take the week off so they let RobALiquorstore and Air Mattress run the show! Quakecon and Whiskey Dicks!

Episode 12 – This one time, at Improv… This week’s Spankwagon brings us a view from the Las Vegas Improv Jam, a Burger Contest between the boys and a trip downtown with Mistress Rowynn and Mikey V. PCP

Live (8/21/10) – Live Candy and Bingo This week we were live with MV-PCP, The Mistress, some Cookies/Biscuts, and beer!

Episode 11 – Beer, Babes and Ink This week we break it down to the basic of what keeps a man (and some women too) happy and sane. Need I say more?

Episode 10 – Birthday Wishes and Movie Making Insanity This week we bring you into our home, as we hang out with Decaf at one of his famous Birthday Parties. Plus watch Mikey V. at work making his third feature Sin Crept In.

Episode 9 – Our Nerd Fu is Strong! This week we hit up the conventions as we first try and dive into the hacker world at DefCon, and then we raid and camp at the Classic Gaming Expo. All that and fun on Fremont Street! So, appreciate the extra day of work in making this awesome episode, and watch it already!

Episode 08 – 48 Hours Later Then Wrestling and Heavy Metal Should Be This week on Spankwagon we see movie magic being made, Dim perform, a lot of Cheese, proof that I am inept, Airmattress, and Indy Wrestling.

Episode 7 – Ink, Laughs, and Carnival Games! Tons of fun and great surprises this week as we play in the Midway, see some great improv, and hang out with Tommy Gunn!

Episode 6 – The Iowa Contingent Cometh! It’s finally here! The latest episode of Spankwagon has landed! Join us as we hang out with ROB A LIQUOR STORE and his gaming nerd gaming challenge fight quest hurray! Or something like that.

Episode 5 – We Taxing Sinners This week we cover more info about the direction of the show. We talk about the sin tax post that Rob posted. We get in to a bit of a conversation about wrestling. Finally wrapping it up with some insight on joke telling from The Cheese!

Episode 4 – SpankNote 2010 This week see what new products are going to be a part of Spankwagon, and then kick back as we enjoy a “Couch Show” and talk about all the shit that somehow made it on our radar.

Episode 3 – Spankpuppet What happens when Trencher takes off and no shows? Well Murphy and Cheese start on a quest to change Spankwagon into a childrens show. With some mixed results.

Episode 2 – Cook Bitches! This week the bamboo flies as we prepare a classic family recipe. Just us and our guest documentary crew as we prepare this delightful meal!

Episode 1-Bring on the Geeks! The glorious (and as expected) nearly disastrous return of to the interweb! Our guest this week was John from as we talk Syfy (see-fee?) Channel and other geek topics!