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The first original show for YNIN Podcasts! Hosted by Nikki Wright, Cody Coleman, Matt Cruea and the occasional guest, this is an adventurous look into the deep dark hole that is the web. Join us every Tuesday as we attempt to alienate the world by making fun of it one thing at a time. We shall entertain you until it hurts. IT HURTS!

Shiny new episodes, every Tuesday! Now and forever (?)!

Basic Format

Each week is sort of a roundtable format, beginning with some introductory banter and heading straight into news stories that our three hosts gather over the course of the week. We spend the rest of the hour exchanging stories and mocking them.

As the podcast is posted, the show notes include links to the stories and any errata we went over during the episode and a list of persons, places, or things we've alienated during this episode. We want to alienate at least every state of the USA by the end of the first year! Oh man, we're so close!

The Hosts

Cody Coleman (D-AK) is the creator of the Ydoc Nameloc Interactive Network. He codes the site, edits the show, and does all the other unfun stuff. The site is focused on mostly random fun quizzes, but the podcasts are very different. Cody's probably the straight man of our group and his stories often focus on technology.

Nikki Wright (D-CA) is the girl. She is an administrator at an amateur voice acting website called the Voice Acting Alliance. She also likes Final Fantasy XI, I guess? She brings a surly female perspective to her stories which seem to focus often on the law and stupid criminals.

Matt Cruea (I-GA) is the goon of the group which allows him to pimp the podcast on Gooncasts. He is the witty, funny one with all the stupid pop-culture references and riffing you could hope for in a podcast. He is the most-bleeped cast member and also the source of most show titles. His stories run the gamut, but he often produces ridiculous web news.

Guest Hosts have included Amber Leigh (Disneyworld cast member and former VAA admin), Kei (Canadian. Awesome.), and Josh Tomar (professional voice actor and 2009 Newgrounds User of the Year winner).


Stuff Weekly Episode List


Most Recent Episode: Episode 49 - Does My Podcast Stinks?
Previous Episode: Episode 48 - Cut To Their Funerals
Even Previouser Episode: Episode 47 - That Person Is Tigers
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Technical Stuff

Since we live in three different states, we record via Skype every Sunday night around midnight EST. Recording is done via Skype and I think Cody uses HotRecorder? I'd have to double-check that. Cody then edits the show for time and foul language (so as to give us wider distribution on iTunes). We used to post the podcast on Podcast Alley, but Cody figured out that it gets us zero listeners, so it was pointless.

No fancy set-ups here. Not sure about the others, but I used a basic Rock Band USB mic for the majority of the first 50 episodes and only switched to a Blue Yeti near the end of those. Either way, technical stuff is boring.