The Dead Idea Valhalla Podcast

My name is Gary Butterfield, The Capm on the SA forums, and this where my dead ideas fight it out, each week, for your entertainment. A podcast with music and comedy and opinion and all kinds of miscellaneous whatevers. Each episode follows the format: Rant-Music-Bit, except when it doesn't. Sometimes features guest stars.

Where's a good place to start? Episode 2, Episode 8, Episode 9 or Episode 12.

The latest episode can always be found on the home page but the archives are here.

What is Behehnehendrendehenen?

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email: moc.liamg|allahlavaedidaed#moc.liamg|allahlavaedidaed
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Want an easy way to help the show? Do you enjoy the show? How about some FREE STUFF? If you email me, I will send you a button and some stickers as long as you promise to put them up/wear them. How's that sound? Good?

Promos? Sure, why not. Here is one for use in the Lou Reads the Internet For You! podcast
And here's one for use in the Digital Porridge Podcast.

How do I record? I record each episode using a Sure SM58 microphone on a digital 8track or skype and then I edit them on Audacity. All music is by me except when it isn't. I DO FREELANCE MUSIC WORK. Email me at moc.liamg|dleifrettubyrag#moc.liamg|dleifrettubyrag

Other Podcasts

Here what they were and where you can find them.

The Butterfield Family Dinocast This was my more traditional "What if some guys talked?" style podcast. The idea was me and a group of friends discussing some absurd or obscure piece of media or experience. It didn't survive the transition to skype but when I'm back with my old friends, new episodes will still come out from time to time. It's long. Good episode to start with? Enter The Grapple

The Dinopitch Me and my friend Brayton pitching ridiculous products to one another. Good episode to start with? The Skin Sham

The Dinobite Really a precursor for Dead Idea Valhalla, this is a 5-8 minute podcast of me deconstructing an offensive joke. Where to start? Episode One

Game Genies in the Morning A zoo crew style video game music morning radio show I did with my friend Jon Wolff. Between songs I played commercials for products featured in the Dinopitch. Where to Start? Episode One