Those Damn Ross Kids

featuring: SongForTheDeaf

A Conversation Between Brothers

Those Damn Ross Kids is an ongoing conversation between two brothers, Kris and Kole. Equal parts You Look Nice Today and Uhh Yeah Dude, we talk about current events, the end of the world, and our embarrassing hangups as we travel through the wasteland of our twenties in modern America.

The podcast started in the fall of 2010, after a lifetime of having long phone conversations, attempting to make each other laugh. New episodes are released weekly, every Tuesday. An average episode is about 45 minutes long.

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The Hosts

  • Kole is the younger brother and producer of the show, an underemployed college graduate with an interest in media and technology.
  • Kris is the older brother, a working man with an eye for bizarre news.

Popular Episodes

How We Record

We live in different cities, so we primarily record over Skype. I use Audio Hijack Pro to capture the call audio, then use Garageband (shut up) to separate the stereo track, with Kris on the left channel and myself on the right.

I then use Garageband to edit the "raw" version of the call, cutting out overtalk, incidental noise, and generally making things funnier and clearer. I export this and run it through the Levelator. I then edit in the music and other sound cues.

The "complete" version is run through a great little audio conversion program called Switch, turning it into a 96kbps mono mp3 file for distribution.

I record using a Blue Snowball USB microphone with a shock mount and pop filter. Kris records using a Plantronics USB headset.

All recording is done on a Macbook Pro.